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I am an overcomer of low confidence.  Low confidence led me to make poor decisions in areas of my life that included relationships and finances. Through the growth of my self acknowledgement journey, I realized that until I understood myself I would have a difficult time finding purpose in my life.

In November 2010, I finally discovered my passion which led to me embracing my purpose. I am a natural born educator and I bring empowerment through knowledge, accountability and follow through. Those that I've taught in the past have gone on to accomplish great things. I've been called the Transformational Teacher.  I use my ability to convey and connect with people individually to pull out what they already have stored inside so they can achieve the results they desire.


I help you find your inner WINNER CONFIDENCE and together we will create tools to prepare you for life's unexpected curve balls, implement strategies to reduce frustrations and create a profit journey so, that you can have complete FREEDOM over your TIME, FINANCES, AND TRAVEL!

Win with me because I know you want to go to your NEXT LEVEL, create a step-by-step action plan and grow your FINANCES!

To Win you have to have an unstoppable energy
To Win you must be intentional
To Win you must believe you can
To Win means that when losses occur, you learn the lesson and keep going

When you Win, those whose shoulders you stand on Win!
When you Win, women Win
When you Win, generations after you Win

Your example of Winning makes it seem possible! So keep on Winning!!


Mission Statement
To provide content and new ideas to women entrepreneurs with related products and knowledge that helps them get unstuck. We offer knowledge, proven strategies and systems that provide solutions for our clients to get to their next level.

To spread the power of optimism and inspire healthier self-acknowledgment around personal, business, and financial growth.  And teach others to monetize their experiences, knowledge and gifts in order to create products to empower and inspire others and in the process create additional streams of income to create a legacy.

Manifest opportunities by delivering your level of excellence!

Teach To Transform



Get connected & allow me to show you how to WIN!

Helping you Win is my desire and seeing you reach every goal in your life. :


  • COACHING-Work with me 1 on 1 and allow me to coach you into a Winning status in every area of your life.

  • MENTORSHIP-Allow me to share my expertise with you to show you what I've learned that will excel your life.

  • SPEAKING-Bring me in to speak to your audience so, I can help them develop winning attitudes that will create change in their lives.


The power to win requires you to refuse to set yourself up for failure. Setting unrealistically high expectations is strategically not the best plan. If you lack experience or expertise in something, rather than saying, "I'm going to be number one," say "I'm so proud of myself for going after my dreams. As long as I complete this task, I'm a winner."
What you believe about yourself and a situation before it occurs determines whether you'll reap the benefits of that situation. So, prepare your mindset for prosperity by thinking like a winner. See the power you have in your own life. When you take responsibility to traverse life's challenges on your own terms, you'll truly feel your own powerful strength. You will prosper when you step up and make the decision to prosper and win.

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During this coaching program you will:

  • Learn your true life purpose

  • Develop a winning attitude that will cause you to excel in your life

  • Create better life habits that will position you on the path of purpose

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